7 N Baltimore ave. Mount Holly Springs PA 17065 us

Monica D'Emilia (Supporter)

​Vice Chair
Contact email: MonicaDEmilia@MyOVH.org

LaDene Shultz Weller (Supporter)

​Fundraising Committee Chair
Contact email: LaDeneSWeller@MyOVH.org

Dedicated to helping homeless veteran's get off the streets and giving them an environment where they can thrive and get back on their feet.

Our members are highly motivated, some members of the team are Veterans and have experience with the VA system. Most of all: our members care about the welfare of Veterans who are seeking help getting off the streets.

​Get to know our members.

Violet Rivera (Veteran)

​Fundraising Committee
Contact email: VioletRivera@MyOVH.org

Operation Veterans' Hope501(c)3

Megan Morris (Supporter)

​Secretary / Treasurer
Contact email: MeganMorris@MyOVH.org

Jonathan Locke (Veteran): Medals

​Chair (non-voting) /Founding CEO
Contact email: JonLocke@MyOVH.org

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