Check back to view any upcoming Events that Operation Veterans' Hope Inc. will either be hosting or attending

Each Thursday eat  dinner at the Hi- Hat Cafe  at 425 N Baltimore Ave., in Mount Holly Springs, PA 17065. When you eat at there, a portion of the proceeds will go to Operation Veterans' Hope to help homeless veterans get off the streets. Show your support and stop in and dine. 


Starting on March 30th at 8am, Operation Veterans' Hope will be hosting a 5 day online Auction to raise money to help purchase the building we currently operate in. If you do not see something you want to bid on or if you do not win an item you can also give a donation to help with our mission. They auction will be held here. You can look at the items now and setup your account, but you will not be able to make any bids until March 30th at 8am.

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7 N Baltimore ave. Mount Holly Springs PA 17065 us