Operation Veterans' Hope501(c)3

7 N Baltimore ave. Mount Holly Springs PA 17065 us

Q: What does my donation go towards?

A: Each donation is handled differently. The larger the donation the larger the amount that goes towards the Veterans. Between 60%-80% will always go towards Veterans no matter the size of the contribution, the remaining percentage will go into operating cost, such as leasing office space, advertising, marketing and annual events. Our overall goal is to win grants to cover operating cost so that all donations will go towards Veterans 100%.

Q: How are you collaborating with similar organizations on a local, regional or national level?

A: Right now O.V.H is working with other organizations to get our name out there so people are aware of who we are and what we are trying to do.

Q: What are the main obstacles that inhibit the fulfillment of your mission? How are you planning to overcome them?

A: The main obstacle would be the lack of trust that other non-profits have caused because of their dishonesty, causing people to not donate as much. O.V.H will build a relationship with the community to work hand in hand to bring awareness of Veterans substance abuse.

Q: How efficiently is your organization run? To what degree have you assigned day-to-day management responsibilities to a tightly run executive committee instead of relying upon your full board?

​A: O.V.H runs like any other business would. There will be weekly staff meetings going over the pros and cons of weekly events and any other issues there may be.

​If you have a question, submit it from out "CONTACT US" page of the website.