Operation Veterans' Hope has started this program to reach beyond helping just veterans. Organizations and businesses will now be able to refer anyone in need of clothing to Operation Veterans' Hope's Thrift store along with the referral paperwork. If you are interested in joining your organization or business to our list, please send business information and contact details to info@MyOVH.org and once we have received your email, we will send you the paperwork needed for the referral process.

When someone comes in, we will allow them to take 2 to 4 outfits and a pair of shoes if we have their size. They must present their paperwork from your organization/business with your contact information. If they do not have their paperwork or it is not completely filled out, unfortunately we will not be able to help them and will ask them to come back with the paperwork completely filled out.

This will cost them no money, but we will ask that they volunteer for a few hours in exchange for the items that were given to them. We understand that not everyone may be able to physically be able to do this, as long as we can keep a 35% or higher average of individuals who can volunteer, there will not be a problem if someone can not volunteer a few hours.

As organizations and businesses let us know that they would like to be placed on the Referral list, we will list them below.