When Operation Veterans' Hope (O.V.H) first started, we were trying to help veterans find ways to help veterans battle substance abuse. Being new, we were finding not a lot of veterans were coming to us for help. One day I had a veteran reach out and ask for help because he was homeless. Thinking that the task would not be hard, I told the veteran that I would help him. I learned very quickly that I was mistaken. I ended up taking the veteran into my home. A veteran who is looking for more then a day to day shelter but is not yet ready for affordable housing does not have much options out there, more so if the veteran is a single male. After some time we eventually were able to find a place for him. The experience really opened up my eyes and decided that our mission need to change to helping homeless veterans.

I need your help as well, as a nonprofit donations are key for us to reach our mission. Be part of the O.V.H team by giving a contribution today.

The question I get asked a lot is why did I start this organization. The answer is out frustration. Seeing how other nonprofit were using the money raised, actually the way they were not using the money is a better way to put it. When money is being used for other things rather than the Veterans themselves, something is wrong. After hearing few organizations misusing money and dealing with the sluggish VA system, leaving my job and starting an organization where Veterans can get reliable help seemed like an easy choice.