To be accepted in our program, you must be able to provide your DD214 and pass a background and drug test.

The relaxation benefits of this technique can mean that people deal better with stresses. If Veterans feel to overwhelmed they could to self-medicating and need the ability to deal with stress is a must. Those individual who have been involved in substance abuse 

Offer Reiki Massage: What is Reiki: is a Japanese spiritual practice that has its origin in the early twentieth century. It is also used as a type of alternative medicine by many people around the globe. It can benefit a Veteran by promoting relaxation and encouraging the body's natural healing mechanisms. Roughly translated, the word Reiki means life force energy from a higher power. A treatment using the technique usually involves palm healing. This is where the therapist transfers energy through their palms so that it can benefit their client. Reiki is based on the understanding that there is a life force called Ki (this is called Chi or Qi in Chinese medicine). If there are any problems with the flow of Ki in the body, it produces physical or mental symptoms. This is what people experience as illness. The goal of Reiki is to increase the strength of Ki and encourage it to flow smoothly.

Benefits of Reiki:


Helping Homeless Veterans: Organization focused on providing local homeless veterans with the opportunity to participate in our "Work 2 Stay" program, and being an advocate. The first week that the veteran is in the program, nothing will be asked of them. This week will be used to relax, clean and sleep. To regain their energy and thoughts.

for a long period will usually do a great deal of physical and mental damage. This technique can help repair some of the damage and get the individual back on a path towards healthy living. Reiki may help Veterans release some of their negative emotions. 

Help is at no cost for the veterans receiving assistance in our Work2Stay Program.

Work2Stay Program: The help that Operation Veterans' Hope is giving, is not a day to day program, it is a place to live. The program enables veterans to get back into the workforce in our thrift store. A Veteran will work 40 hours a week in our store if they are not working, if they have a part time job we will adjust the hours, if they have a full time job, they will only be asked to work 8 hours a week. Working in our store gives a veteran a chance to update their resume, provides them a place to stay while they are working in the store.